Alguracy For Traders

Alguracy caters to the needs of beginners by providing pre-coded strategies, Alguracy Reliability Scores, trade notifications alerts and other features.

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Alguracy For Analysts

Professional services like custom strategy development, strategy sharing and copy trading.

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Live Signals from Popular Trading Strategies. Powered by AI driven A.R.S

Alguracy codes popular trading strategies, provides past performance reports and generates alerts in real time during live market hours. Stay updated while our smart systems track Stocks, Commodities and Forex from many exchanges.

Get that extra edge with Alguracy Reliability Score. There could be many other factors influencing the price movement. Our AI driven systems use Artificial Intelligence to predict the reliability of signals using these external factors.

Place virtual trades or our one touch interface with brokers allows you to place real trades too.

We Code your Strategy

Our mission is to make technology available to the common retail investor. Dont miss out while the world moves towards Algo Trading. If you have a trading strategy, we accept development requests for converting them into algorithms.

Get in touch with our team who will do a quick feasibility check for the development. Post that we develop the algorithm and provide comprehensive backtesting reports. If you are satisfied with the results, we deploy your strategy on Live Markets for your private use.

Once hosted on our platform, your algorithms become integrated with our powerful ARS to guide you better in the markets.

Share Your Strategy

You can also showcase your skills and share Live Signals from your strategy with other users on our platform.

Users can request access to Live Signals from other users' strategy on Alguracy. You can choose to approve or reject the request from your dashboard. On approval, the user gets access to the live signals from your strategy. You can also choose to revoke the approval anytime.

Mock Trading and Portfolio Analytics at your fingertips

Your very own personalised Dashboard to track your performance over time with the virtual trades that you can place through our platform.

The Analytics highlight areas that need improvement and help you master the world of Investments along with our other products like School and Play.


Your one stop solution to Algo Trading. Powered by our smart Algorithms.

For Traders

  • Access to Pre Coded Strategies
  • Alguracy Reliability Score
  • One Click Trading
  • Zero Click Trading Automate Your Trades
  • Trade Notifications in Real Time Telegram
  • Chart Patterns detected in Real Time
  • Risk Management
  • Personalized dashboard to track performance
  • Copy Analysts trades as per your Risk Appetite
  • Paper Trading
  • Free for your usage
For Analysts

  • All Traders Features
  • Custom Strategy Development
  • Robust API's to post trades from any technical analysis software
  • Strategy Sharing with subscribers
  • Create master account for your subscribers' Copy Trading
  • Dashboard to track subscriber earnings/performance


Alguracy is absolutely Free for Traders to explore and use!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Configure ARS for strategies
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How to link Telegram with Alguracy
  • Trading involves a substantial amount of risk. With proper risk management and disciplined trading, it is possible to earn profits from the markets. We do not advertise huge overnight returns from any of the algorithms. Most of the algorithms have been deployed on Alguracy for educational purposes and promoting a methodical way to trade. The performance of the algorithms have been made available and ARS tries to predict the reliability of signals.

    There is no way to assure guranteed returns as much depends on the psychology of the trader. The risk per trade on our platform is set to Rs 30 by default and we encourage users to start with small amounts until they master the art of rational trading and investments

  • ARS or Alguracy Reliability Score is a score calculated using Machine Learning techniques and Natural Language Processing. The score gives an idea of how reliable the signal generated is. Higher scores have more factors going in favour of the trade. Low ARS and a negative ARS suggests that there are more factors going against the trade and hence less reliable.

    Most of the trading strategies are based on Price Action or Technical Indicators alone. There are many other factors that can influence a trade. Our systems look out for any events related to the stocks and use NLP to determine its sentiment. Our Machine Learning models keep learning from past data of many such factors and try to predict the reliability of a signal.

  • Our development services are meant for strategies that are not possible to implement using simple form builders or screeners. If you are a retailer who lacks programming knowledge and have a strategy that is too complex to be used through screeners, you should consider our services.

    We have kept the rates affordable so that everyone can benefit from technology in a world quickly moving towards Algo Trading. Our development team can help you develop your strategy into an algorithm, backtest it on past data and our systems can suggest parameters to optimise your strategy. Rest assured, your strategy stays safe with Alguracy and we do not use it for commercial purposes. You are the complete owner of your strategy once developed and you alone have the power to approve or reject requests for access to live signals.

    As a cherry on top, your strategy is also coupled with ARS which can be customised for your strategy.

  • For Indian markets, we cover most of the bluechips in NSE Cash and Futures and MCX Commodities. We also run algorithms on Forex data, International Commodities and International Indices.

    The complete list can be found here-Tracked stocks,commodities and exchanges